Published: Understanding Radicalization Through the Lens of ‘Identity Vulnerability’

What drives Islamist extremism in the West? What accounts for the so-called Islamic State's ability to recruit from Western democracies? While others have argued that global migration and the refugee crisis are fueling radicalization, Christy Grace Provines from the 'MPOWER Project considers deeper implications and proposes a theory she calls Identity Vulnerability. 

Peace Direct: Peacebuilding and Violent Extremism

The ‘MPOWER Project was invited to participate as expert contributors to the Peace Direct Global Virtual Research Forum on Peacebuilding and Countering Violent Extremism, powered through Convetit.  They contributed original research on The ‘MPOWER Project’s theory - Identity Vulnerability - as it relates to understanding the path to radicalization. The research and subsequent highlights from the Forum were included in the final Peace Direct Report, which can be downloaded here.

Expert Contributors: Department of Defense Interactive Workshop - "Engaging Narratives"

The ‘MPOWER Project participated as expert contributors in an innovative conference on the power of narrative sponsored by the Department of Defense. The conference brought together practitioners from the DoD, NGOs, civil society and academia to discuss how narratives shape the world and how we can contribute to shaping narratives.