Strategic Approach


We believe that a more human-centric approach to what is generally considered a hard security issue -- radicalization -- is imperative in order to have a chance at eradicating extremist ideology in the long term. This approach recognizes the importance of state of mind indicators and considers radicalization and pre-radicalization through a psychological framework, emphasizing online user behaviors and interaction with messaging.

Alternative Narrative

We present alternative narratives rather than counter messages. This is much more effective in terms of validating and empathizing with our audience and inspiring them through relatable storytelling that suggests a different path forward. 

Prevention focused

Our highly focused campaigns are delivered to an audience that is vulnerable to extremism of many forms, but has not yet attached to a network. We take a preventative approach that focuses on theories of change and subtle shifts in mindset - similar to the way that brands influence consumer behavior and present alternative products, The 'MPOWER Project seeks to create doubt and introduce ambiguity.

Audience targeting

Just as brand campaigns are only as effective as the marketer's understanding of its audience - we operate using the same framework. Rather than focus on surface-level demographic indicators like age, ethnicity, geography, gender, religion; The 'MPOWER Project has developed a psychology-based approach to audience targeting that infuses state of mind indicators, online user behavior, social listening and predictive technology to create precision data segments. 

the Messenger matters

The message matters, but so does the messenger. The 'MPOWER Project is careful to evaluate the host of messaging campaigns that have been sponsored and/or produced by governments, tech companies and even other NGOs previously as a way to understand what worked and what didn't. One of our priorities is to remain not only a politically agnostic organization, but to maintain our independence from state sponsorship or direct affiliation. We believe that a key part of engaging our audience lies in remaining neutral, which enables a level of inherent trust between "the brand" and the audience. 

“Brand marketing is persuasion, and persuasion is not a science, but an art. Brand marketing is the art of persuasion.”
— William Bernbach


The 'MPOWER Project curates a custom team of professionals for each campaign project from a variety of industries, including: Advertising, Ad-Tech, Data Science, Film Production, Publishers and Brand Marketing.  The creative working group, as this team is known, strategizes, produces and executes a messaging campaign, similar to one that a brand would develop using the same creative engagement strategies and the nuanced learnings gleaned by the research team. 


We understand the complexities in trying to measure the counterfactual, but we believe in theories of change as indicators of subtle shifts in behavior and perception.

Just like brand marketers, we use data science and advertising technology to effectively distribute messaging to the right audience and measure shifts in awareness, perception and intent - informing future campaigns and research-backed strategic messaging.