Who we work with:

    Governments-Government Agencies

    NGOs, Think Tanks, nonprofit organizations


    Private Sector Agencies and Brands

    Tech Companies

What we do:

The ‘MPOWER Project is a nonprofit organization modeled after a private sector creative and brand development agency that employs brand marketing strategies and tactics to ideology-based social recruitment challenges and causes.

  • Strategic Communications Platform Development
  • Creative Approach and Content Strategy
  • Creative Development and Content Execution
  • Brand Development for Public Sector
  • Issue Positioning and Cause Marketing for Private Sector Brands
  • Campaign Development for Out-branding Extremism and Destructive Ideology, Narrative Change, Movement Creation, Issue Awareness and Education
  • Custom Policy and Issue/Cause Research Per Campaign
  • Cross-Sector Partner Strategy, Vetting and Development
  • Audience Engagement and Strategic Media Management
  • Audience Insights and Analytics - Audience Determination

We work on strategic communications and public affairs campaigns of all varieties, but we specialize in out-branding destructive ideology and changing narratives and perspective on the ground around violent extremism and conflict ripe environments.  

Unique Value Proposition:  

We use the same audience insights framework that consumer marketers use to achieve maximum engagement and narrative resonance.  We also specialize in online video marketing and develop content for campaigns using the same strategies, tactics and creative framework that consumer brand marketing campaigns are developed with.

Where we work:

We are based in NYC, however, we will work with partners globally and are developing a network of partner professionals around the world


So many of today’s social challenges sit at the nexus of politics, cultural trends, technology and media - the need to understand the relationship between policy and the issues and causes that impact everyday citizens, brands and companies, and the global stage is paramount in order to develop awareness and narrative change around the issues and challenges that are shaping our world.   


The ‘MPOWER Project is built on original research that presents an understanding of recruitment to violent extremism and destructive ideology through a psychology-based audience theory called Identity Vulnerability. This theory, centered around the individual, serves as the bedrock for every messaging strategy and campaign that we work on and guides the custom research and content that we create.