Our Story


The ‘MPOWER Project (derived from the words - I’m Power, My Power and Empower) was born of the mission to empower at-risk individuals to reject the process that has become an accelerated spiral of attachment to non-mainstream ideology online. By understanding our audience, their personal motivations and the state of mind that allows them to be drawn in, The ‘MPOWER Project seeks to out-brand destructive ideology that can precede mobilization to violence towards oneself or others through relatable and inspiring storytelling that creates doubt and introduces ambiguity - we seek to present an alternative path of significance.


The headlines of today reflect the anger, divisive rhetoric and social unrest of our time for many young adults. These and other localized grievances, which denote a lack of control, are often rooted in unjust policies, ongoing war and marginalization.  Grievance fuels the isolation that is then fanned by social media and enticing propaganda, instigating our most vulnerable young people to action in the halls of America’s schools, in conflict zones overseas, at a European transit stop or in violent protest of foreign nationals.


In a world that often seems ridden by violence, security measures, traditional weaponry and or tactical operations are not enough.  We need to inoculate against radical ideology before it even takes root and subvert violence before it is even a conscious option.  The ‘MPOWER Project’s team brings together 40+ years of combined experience in conflict resolution, security policy analysis, military and intelligence operations, marketing, journalism, strategic communications and academia. This combined experience has enabled us to develop a 360 approach to out-brand violent extremism that puts the human element first and is about prevention at its core.   


The ‘MPOWER Project uses a framework based on custom audience research and development of creative, marketing-inspired campaigns.  These campaigns are similar to those that a brand would present to its consumer base, but focused on out-branding destructive ideology of all kinds. We use strategic messaging and storytelling to inspire audiences and drive them with compelling calls to action that present clear alternative actions and encourages engagement with pro-social organizations and programming on the ground.