Phase 1: Initial Research phase, producing the theory of Identity Vulnerability, combined a comprehensive literature review, including academic/psychology Journals, editorial analysis, expert and practitioner Reports, in-Person interviews with government officials, practitioners, policy makers and academia and case study analysis of what’s been done - essentially, what worked and what didn’t.

Phase 2: We are currently completing a comprehensive database of terrorism threat actors either killed or arrested by region/country to analyze the demographics of the cases, but also glean what we can from each threat actor’s state of mind and the circumstances leading up to his mobilization to violence.  The goal is to complete a database of all documented threat actors for several recruitment challenges: lone wolf mass shooters, gang recruitment, white supremacy, etc.

Phase 3: Once the database(s) are complete, we will select a significant sampling from each to further investigate through first person interviews with family, friends, arresting officers, teachers, social workers, study of legal documents and other non-published public records in an effort to further define the key indicators that that capture as much nuance as possible in each individual case. 

Phase 4: Finally, once databases and investigative profiles have been created, we will define the psychographic and circumstantial indicators based on learnings and determine a weight for each based on the statistical significance for each among our sample set of investigative profiles.  These indicators will be mapped to online behaviors.