The ‘MPOWER Project is an Action Tank: We go far beyond research to develop alternative narrative campaigns using brand marketing tactics and creative engagement strategies meant to outbrand extremism.


We follow a Three Phase process for all campaigns: Research, Campaign Development, and Multi-Conversion Attribution Evaluation.

Phase One: Research

Each project is informed by in-depth market research that analyzes the challenge in regards to messaging, identifying root causes, and critiquing existing campaigns and programs.

Findings are presented in detailed research and creative briefs to ensure the right message is delivered to the right audience.

Phase Two: Campaign Development

In the second phase, we use the research to effectively design and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns that re-brand against recruitment to violent extremism by using creative strategies to create an inspirational and motivational alternative narrative.


For each campaign, we assemble a working group of brand marketing and creative professionals to develop an alternative narrative campaign.

Creative Engagement

We use brand marketing strategies to engage individuals vulnerable to radicalization

The brand marketing development process produces effective, inspirational campaigns that are metric-driven, audience-targeted and designed to influence attitudes and behavior.


We believe in the power of storytelling to engage people and empower them to make the choices that matter.

Phase Three: Monitoring

In the final phase of our approach, we use data and technology to monitor our campaigns, constantly evaluating success and modifying campaigns to become more effective.